ADVENT @ seehof_nature_retreat

A calendar full of delicious surprises
by chef Giovanni

A calendar full of delicious surprises

The candied fruits
Tradition tells that these are the first to be prepared in kitchen - due to the intense aroma. Meaning: the harmony in kitchen is maintained throughout all Advent season.

The pumpkin jam
Legend tell us that the Spanish cooks at winter start to Mexico to buy from the farmers the pumpkin residue. They processed these to exquisite jam.

The artichoke in oil
It is one of the few foods where you can distinguish between female and male, son and mother. They were prepared, waiting for the return of the landlord. In this way, the family showed him their respect.

The dried tomatoes
The choice of this product for this day is very important. Coming from a peasant family, it was the most beautiful day, because finally you could taste the dried tomatoes, which was prepared by the grandmother.

The olive oil
The olive harvest is over now. We bring the olives to the mill and feel the intense aroma of this fruit.

The Christmas cookies
After a long preparation and waiting time, we can finally enjoy this delicacies that the has prepared.

The Italian chocolate.roulade
The grandmothers prepare this delicacy, according to tradition, with much love and give it to their grandchildren. A campfire is lit. Only at the end, when all wood turns to ashes, the candy can be nibbled.

The chocolate pralines
We think chocolate and spice can be very helpful after a walk in the winter.cold.

The small South Tyrolean snack
The so-called "Marende" unites the family, if possible without smartphone!

The winter roots
The beginning of the day is fundamental. We prepare steaming and fragrant broths. It’s health!

The onion jam
An important ingredient for a healthful kitchen. It gives as a simple spread immense culinary delight.


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