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VITALIS Dr. Joseph
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We have found our ideal partner with VITALIS Dr. Joseph. Internationally successful and at home in South Tyrol, VITALIS Dr. Joseph stands for the principles that also guide our hotel. VITALIS Dr. Joseph has made it a mission to respect nature in its purity and diversity, to capture it carefully, and to reflect it in sustainable and effective quality products. A sense of responsibility and respect for natural resources is both a concern and commitment that we share with VITALIS Dr. Joseph.

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Our treatments at a glance below


Eyebrow shaping

15 Min. € 25,00

Pedicure with nail polish

ca. 50 Min. € 59,00

Pedicure without nail polish

ca. 45 Min. € 52,00

Manicure without nail polish

ca. 50 Min. € 59,00

Manicure with nail polish

ca. 50 Min. € 52,00

Full leg

30 Min. € 53,00

Bikini area & underarm

20 Min. € 44,00

Half leg

20 Min. € 44,00


10 Min. € 23,00

Back & chest

30 Min. € 53,00
Dr. Joseph

Intense purifying face treatment

A deep cleansing following the TEAM DR JOSEPH method, tailored to your skin type. Your skin? Pure and delicate. Your face? Beaming. How you feel? Clear and full of energy. The treatment ritual finishes off with a special peel off mask to provide optimal hydration. The result: Vital, balanced and youthful skin.
ca. 50 Min. € 89,00

Cellular recreation face treatment

A wonderful natural treatment for your skin, specially tailored to your skin needs. With immediate result according to method TEAM DR JOSEPH supported by a deep relaxing pampering program. After thorough skin diagnosis, the ideal combination of active ingredients is created for you, eyebrows are framed on request. The highly effective intensive serum with selective drug complexes ensures the natural balance of your skin. Combined with a modulated face massage and an intensive mask, highly concentrated active ingredients can be deeply combined with your skin. For a healthy and intensely cultivated radiance.
ca. 80 Min. € 125,00

Express power lift for men

Team DR JOSEPH method for him. Powerful, close to nature, efficient! Natural high-tech power for a dynamic and well-kept appearance.
ca. 50 Min. € 89,00

VITALSTONE Rustic Life Force - Basalt stone massage & deep relaxation

At the beginning of the Vitalis Massage Vitalstone, the energy centers of the body are stimulated with pleasantly warmed basalt stones. The gentle massage that follows, with potent, essential Chakra oils, stimulates lymph activity and the body‘s detoxification processes. Enjoy exceptionally deep heat and fragrant aroma oils in this stone massage - primal power for your body and soul.

ca. 50 Min. € 89,00

Natural power of herbs - Herbal pouches massage

This herbal pouches massage by VITALIS Dr. Joseph is a powerful and intensive full-body treatment with precious natural oils, select organic herbal blends, and unique combinations of active components. The herbal sachets are patted over your body intensively, with gentle pressure. This stimulating technique and the herbs used help to relieve stress, while the finest aroma massage oils bring you vitality. Start off balanced and full of energy!
ca. 50 Min. € 89,00

Straightforward body modification - Innovative cellulite program

The Vitalis Massage Resonanz Cellulite is a unique massage technique: Singing bowls and cupping are used in combination with potent natural ingredients that provide efficient, long-term, and visible alleviation of the signs of cellulite. Unique features of this massage include an activating foot bath, an invigorating body exfoliation, a stimulating glass cupping treatment, and a modulated cellulite massage with singing bowls.
ca. 50 Min. € 86,00

Sophisticated back program

The Vitalis Massage Resonance | Dorsalis, with highly effective natural products and a massage individually tailored to you. Singing bowls and cupping glasses relieve tension in the back muscles and improve the dynamics of the spine. Lasting relaxation for your back. Free yourself of stress and blockages. Stand up straight!
50 Min. € 86,00

Complete muscle fitness with arnica & St. John‘s wort

Especially designed to relieve tension after sporting activities and provide maximum support for muscle regeneration. The perfect option for active people.
ca. 50 Min. € 89,00

Powerful energy with thyme & stone pine

Wild thyme and stone pine strengthen the nerves and provide optimal hydration for your skin. Enjoy deep relaxation.
ca. 50 Min. € 89,00

Natural freshness with apple & rose hips

Special care for dry skin. The precious active components of apples and the nourishing properties of rose hips imbue your skin with ample moisture and give your skin new freshness and vitality.
ca. 50 Min. € 89,00

Aromatic half body aroma massage

25 Min. € 53,00

Classic full body massage

Deep relaxing full bodymassage to relax the muscles.
50 Min. € 80,00

Classic half body aroma massage

25 Min. € 50,00

Massage head and face

Acts liberating, with circular massages on head and face.
25 Min. € 50,00


Full body massage with firm pressure for relaxing muscles and for better circulation. Perfect after sport activity.
50 Min. € 83,00

Power of nature - activating herbal bath with rosemary

This activating herbal bath gives you vitality and zest for life. Ideal for inner balance and a deep sense of well-being.
ca. 30 Min. € 50,00

Deep calm - lavender relaxation bath

Let go and relax, wrapped in the soothing and balancing aroma of lavender flowers.
ca. 30 Min. € 50,00

Recharge energy - stone pine bath

After emotional or physical stress, the stone pine helps to regain strength. It invigorates the whole organism.
ca. 30 Min. € 50,00

Intensive tenderness - full-body aroma salt scrub

This full-body scrub with aromatic massage oil and salt from the Himalaya supports the rejuvenation of your skin, promotes tissue metabolism, and makes your skin silky smooth. For an intense, fresh feeling.
25 Min.
(5 min. shower included)
€ 50,00

Stimulating nature - linen glove dry scrub

This deep-cleansing dry scrub with strong essences supports your metabolism for a clear and radiant complexion. The best treatment for sensitive and especially dry skin.

40 Min. € 62,00

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