How many stars do we have?

Just look up to the night sky and see for yourself

Stars, hats, forks: here traditional classification methods don´t interest us at all.

We would like the judgment, the opinion, the evaluation of what we are and what it is that we do to come directly from you and your personal experiences with us here … in this place.


Sterne beobachtenEntspannen


Poets, when they speak of stars, often associate them with dreams. In fact, to look at the stars and remember your dreams all you have to do is look up to the night sky. This is the invitation we make to our guests: lie down in the garden, on the edge of the pool, or walk along the shores of the lake and now and again take the time to look up at the sparkling constellations. There are certain nights when the stars shine so brightly that they seem enchanted.

We have already chosen our stars, and we certainly do not place them under a sign, on a letterhead, envelope, or under our logo. We believe the magic of real stars twinking above us are the celestial bodies that should be observed instead and that nothing is more beautiful than sharing emotions created by the natural wonders that surround us.

Our stars inspire us in what we do, like ancient sailors we use them as a compass to never waver from our newly realised dream: sharing with our guests calm moments of genuine joy night and day.

Tamaris & Andreas

Place to be

My day, my moments of calm …