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Seehof: The Long Stay Workation Hotel for Business People, Digital Nomads and More

Somewhere, not far away, you can hear a rooster crowing. Radiant sunshine cuts through the window, assisted by the pleasant scent of mountains and nature. It is 6, maybe 7, 8 or 9 o'clock. You get out of your bed; you stretch your arms and your soul. Ýour first steps of this beautiful day lead you to the window, where you push aside the curtains, open the shutters and take a deep breath of pure, unpolluted air. The play of light on the lake stimulates your slumbering senses, and a soft breeze massages your face and infuses it with strength and life. You breathe deeply in the air, impressions, and atmosphere before turning around and reaching for your laptop - if only every working day had started like this! Welcome - to the Seehof Nature Retreat in Bressanone, your workation hotel in South Tyrol - your workation in Italy.

The Seehof Nature Retreat stands for shelter, bliss and withdrawal. You may find a place away from the daily stress, you may retreat to devote yourself to your soul and well-being. You may create your very own soothing cocoon drawing new strength for what is to come. But we do not want to give this opportunity only to people who exhaust themselves day after day, week after week, month after month, only to unwind for a couple of weeks on a regular holiday.

Long-term hotel for business people
Our life is a privilege we should savour every moment; we should cherish even when working. So why not embrace the gift of a workplace that injects us with new life energy as we work - day after day, week after week or month after month? That is exactly what we offer in our Cocooning Place: Workation - where your work life and leisure are mixed into a cosy cocktail of pleasure-fuelled productivity and efficiency.

What is Workation?

Workation is an English portmanteau: work, fused with the American word for an extended period of time off, vacation. However, the concept should be understood as something other than an alternative to the annual holiday. Instead, it supplements working time, an alternative (temporary) working model that creates new impulses for employers and employees.

Undoubtedly, a new environment stimulates our senses, nourishes new ideas and ignites the thirst for action. And who hasn't experienced it: typing, calculating and thinking are perceived to be much easier when we are working towards an imminent reward. That's what workation offers: an unusual, inspiring atmosphere during working hours that immediately feels like a holiday when business is done. A new way of thinking about our everyday life, discovering new landscapes and finally enjoying them.

View of the lake

While this model was only known to digital nomads a few years ago, many companies have now acquired a taste for offering workation to their employees. In fact, sending entire departments on holiday is now seen as a team-building measure.

This goes hand in hand with employer branding: companies want to position themselves as attractive workplaces. Workation is an incentive, even if the concept has yet to fully arrive in Europe. Nevertheless, at Seehof Nature Retreat, we know that we do not live to work but work to live - and that we LIVE. So, we do not only want to provide our guests with attention and dedication to self-experience during the few free days of the year; we also want to take care of you while you are working so that you can start your free time with a relaxed spirit and body later.


Who is workation for?

The nice thing about workation is that numerous variations are adaptable to every work type. Not too long ago, it was a concept tailor-fitted for digital nomads; however, it has become available to everybody. 

If your job allows it, you can take time off and emancipate yourself from your routine. Chat with your employer and be sure there are ways to relocate your workplace onto the beach or into the mountains for a limited period of time. Especially people from the cities embrace this opportunity.



Long-stay workation is a perfect option for families. Whereas the standard 4-5 holiday weeks during the year might be rather stressful than relaxing for families or couples, workation gives you extra quality time with your loved ones. Of course, you still work some hours daily, but that is only slight collateral damage. While you are at work, the rest of the family can explore and enjoy the new place – and once you stop working for the day, you automatically start the regeneration mode with your favourite people.
Working with family


Especially couples benefit from this new way of being together. It is irrelevant whether both combine work and holiday or just one engages in a true workation. At the end of the day, at the latest, lovers reunite in a relaxing, stress-free environment.
Working as a couple


Several factors highlight the advantages for companies if they send their employees to workation: giving this opportunity to new entries, from the start you are perceived as a caring employer. If veterans get this new incentive, you masterly engage in employee retention, and people will be grateful for this sign of appreciation.

And if you even send whole teams to Workation, you have an HR-power tool to strengthen group dynamics and create synergies between colleagues. Ultimately, it's an enormous thank you, a vote of confidence and an additional motivation to do their best for your company.

Basically, Workation is suitable for all people who have no problem with not being in their usual working environment. People who like to experience new things and draw new creative and existential energy from unfamiliar impressions. People who want to reward their discipline and efficient self-management with memorable moments in a different place. Perhaps even with us in Bressanone, in our Seehof Nature Retreat, in our cocooning place for working people who want to keep the stress away while sheltered in our premises.

Working with the company

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Workation

Like everything else, the concept of workation has pros and cons. So let us tell you what they are and find out if your personal way of life suits it.


Workation Pros

  • Get inspired by the unknown: Why do we travel? Because we want to experience new things. Because we want to explore. Because we want to be inspired by the unknown. All this has a positive effect not only on personal growth. Although, on the one hand, this sensory flooding has an immediate influence on our activity, on the other hand, it can also promote new ideas and stimuli in the long term, which benefit us at work.
  • Motivation through variety: You break out of your work routine and break up encrusted patterns. In an unfamiliar work environment, you see life and probably your job differently, which can motivate and encourage new ways of thinking.
  • Momentum through recreation: In the same way, you break out of your daily routine: you don't just go home to cook, wash, clean or do your other weekly chores. Whether alone or with your family or teammates: you get up from your seat, lie on the beach, jump in the sea, climb a mountain wall, walk through a forest or stroll through the avenues of a foreign city. Your free time becomes an experience that makes work a distant memory and lets you approach the next day with enthusiasm.
Finnish sauna
  • Extraordinary moments through extraordinary surroundings: If you travel with your family or partner, you can spend extraordinary moments with your loved ones in an extraordinary environment. Work time goes hand in hand with quality time.
  • Team building through spontaneity: If you are on a working holiday with your team colleagues, "quality time" can be extended to working hours. Working together in a co-working space, dynamic group activities on the lakeshore, team building during a joint hike, and spontaneous creative get-togethers by the swimming pool - the team benefits from working together in an unusual yet inspiring location.
  • Networking through exchange: Different circumstances encourage new approaches - also when getting to know the people around you. When you are out and about with your team, you experience people in different situations and habits, which results in one or two closer acquaintances that would otherwise not have happened during the daily coffee break with the same colleagues.
breakfast buffet

Workation Cons

The disadvantages of a workation can be reduced to a few aspects, but each one can make the idea of working on holiday an absolute no-go. The disadvantages can be transferred 1 to 1 from our experiences of remote working we are familiar with.

Being productive away from your usual work environment is only for some. Many people get too distracted or can't really get into work mode when on holiday. Same with flexibility, as people may feel overwhelmed with too much freedom.


Workation also affects your direct communication channels. You can have a quick chat or immediate information by phone; with a delay, this is also possible via e-mail. But it will obstruct your and your colleagues' daily work in the medium term.

If you are on the road alone, the exchange with your colleagues, your own rituals at work and the much-longed-for coffee break with the same people every day all disappear. In the long run, this can be stressful, so Workation only works for a limited time.

As you can see, the disadvantages are few and partly only influenced by the factor of time, which you can avoid with well-thought-out planning. So if you are equipped with the necessary flexibility and can stay focused away from your desk, little stands in the way of your Workation experience.

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How Much Is Workation?

How much money do you need for a workation? Ultimately, it is only what you would need during a regular holiday. You would have to find accommodation for yourself and co-travellers, keep track of the expenses for the journey, and, of course, you would have to eat.
coffee and cake

However, a workation tends to be a long-stay absence with more than the usual 1 to 2 weeks away. Sometimes people opt for several weeks or even months. Hence, you should search for suitable offers.

As for a team-workation for your employees, be sure to find suitable offers with a quantity discount.


Why Italy? Why South Tyrol? Why Bressanone?

Let's discuss your destination: why should you stay in the Seehof Nature Retreat in Bressanone, Italy, for the ultimate workation experience? We have quick answers: First, our wonderful premiss welcomes you with care and love. Secondly, there is an infinity of treasures that wants to be discovered and unleashs your inner adventurer; that lights the way to your inner self; that provides you with strength during and after work thanks to a unique atmosphere.
hiking in the mountains

Your workplace is nestled in a breathtaking panorama of forests, orchards, a private lake and the majestic mountain landscape of South Tyrol. A unique environment that acts as a source of inspiration and a destination for quiet moments. If you need a short break, you can take a quick walk through the nearby woods. You can cool off your overheated head in Seehof's private lake. Or simply lie in the sun and let the warm rays brighten your mind.

The city of Brixen is close. The third-largest city in South Tyrol, after Bolzano and Merano, is a little jewel with numerous sights, historical monuments and a charming city centre to stroll through. Furthermore, if you are travelling with your children, Brixen is home to the aquarena - a true swimming adventure paradise for young and old. And the other cities, Bolzano (approx. 40 km away) and Merano (approx. 70 km away), can also be reached by motorway and highway.

Our home village of Natz is the gateway to the Pustertal valley and, thus, has direct access to the world-famous Dolomites (UNESCO World Heritage). Experience these natural wonders up close and use their powerful aura to recharge your batteries and make space for new ideas and impulses.

View of the castle in the Isarco Valley
We could ruminate and rave so much more about the beautiful aspects of South Tyrol, but there are so many just waiting to enrich your everyday working life. In South Tyrol, it is possible to get to powerful places near your hotel-workplace, where your head is freed up, and mainstream-weary creatives can find new thoughts.

Tipps for Your Workation

Next, we'd like to share a few tips we've gathered through our experience with our Workation guests. These will help you to make your time with us or in any other area of the world productive and relaxing at the same time.

  • Agenda: Stick to the working hours you have set - 8, 6 or 4 hours a day - so that you can switch off afterwards.
  • Working hours: Try to work shorter hours so that you can enjoy your holiday as such. We recommend 50 % - 50 %
  • Alternate: If you plan a long-term stay, alternate working and holiday weeks. 
  • Time zone: To avoid communication issues, look for a destination whose time zone is not too different from that of your typical workplace.
  • Internet: Ensure your accommodation or co-working space has a good internet connection. 
  • Infrastructure: The same applies to your workplace - ensure you have the suitable materials and furniture for the job.
  • Insurance: Check how and if you are insured in case of an accident at work. 
  • Workload: Clarify with your employer or team colleagues what you must accomplish and which deadlines must be met.
  • Availability: Specify time slots in which you can be reached and in which you can guarantee a quick response time to any enquiries.
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The Seehof Workation Retreat: What We Offer

At Seehof Nature Retreat, we see ourselves as a workation hotel. We and our premisses offer you everything you need for a regular working day, including an irreplaceable coffee or espresso service on our terrace ;) Our offer includes workation packages with and without family, short or long stays, and whole team trips. Even the journey becomes an adventure.

If you've been bitten by the wanderlust bug and are considering a workation experiment, come and join us and let us inspire you even more once you're there. If you are already experienced in workation, share your next adventure with us in South Tyrol. If you are a company that wants to try something new, then let us inspire you and put together a corporate event of superlatives. Contact us, and we will send you a tailor-made offer without obligation.

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Workation is a trend we are happy to follow. It helps everyone who wants to break out of their work routine and experience a new everyday life that, on the one hand, immediately increases efficiency and creativity and, on the other hand, provides lasting recreation and relaxation. A win-win situation for employers and employees, all family members or life partners.

The Seehof Nature Retreat, Bressanone, South Tyrol and, of course, Italy are the ideal places to enjoy this blend of work and holiday to the fullest and to be productive as well as regenerative. Our rooms with lakeview are more than just a change of scenery for travellers; indeed, many people struggle when they must leave us again. But see for yourself. Workation: for a better work-life balance. Pack up your laptop right now, get some information and off you go. As your host, we look forward to you.

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