Der Club

Even in football there can be moments of calm.

For example when players withdraw from playing matches and train with care in order to regenerate themselves. It was a pleasure to accommodate the no.1 FC Nuremberg, better known as "Der Club", a team that has made football history in Germany.

FC Nürnberg

To see them relaxed in our garden or on the edge of the pool filled us with emotions of pride and peace – even the most energetic of athletes need space and time to relax and breathe and our space can instill this feeling in all our guests.

It was also a pleasure to see them cycle off all together on about thirty e-bikes to go and work out in Naz's meadows full of cheer and carefree joy. Ecclesiastes says in the Bible, `There is a time to live and a time to love.´

Just as there is a time to calm down, re-energise and perform better. Our hopes are with "Der Club", and that the next league is good enough for them to return to "Bundesliga".

Place to be

My day, my moments of calm …