Our very own liquid gold

Pope Francis states that "Without wine there is no party: could you imagine closing a banquet with a cup of tea"? We can´t either! Impossible also for us to imagine an aperitif without a good glass of Kerner, the most interesting wine, among the many exquisite ones we have in the area.


Interesting not only for the flavours it expresses, but also for the story it has to tell.
Here it is in brief: Kerner is a aromatic vine reminiscent of white berries that August Herold created in 1929 in Germany. One day August decided to cross Schiava (a red variety also known as Trollinger) with Riesling. The result was surprising if not genius. August then thought that this new vine deserved an important name. After thinking and then rethinking, August decided to call it Kerner, in honor of Justinus Kerner, a physician who dedicated his time writing poetry on the subject of wine.

And so the Kerner variety quickly spread through in Germany, Austria, Switzerland finally to us in South Tyrol, and more precisely in our Isarco Valley, where the elements are perfectly balanced and the wine can express itself best. Yes, this straw-yellow wine with its visible golden reflections served chilled in the garden is a true pleasure, an echo of time, love and nature.Tasting is believing.

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