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Seehof: Your Honeymoon Hotel for Your Perfect Wedding Trip in Italy

Radiant summers, mild autumns, breath-taking winters, blossoming springs: our region has exceptional treasures for the one holiday we probably only experience once in a lifetime. The engagement in extraordinary scenery, the word of marriage in front of the priest or the civil registrar, the honeymoon in Northern Italy, in South Tyrol: the place whose atmosphere exhilarates feelings with moments of happiness; whose climate makes your holiday an experience for your body and soul all year round; whose landscape brings to life the romantic charm of the alpine mountains.

And now, close your eyes, let your mind drift, let your spirit float southwards - to the honeymoon for lovers in Northern Italy, amid whispering forests, rushing streams, and contemplative lakes. And at the centre: our house, the Seehof Nature Retreat near Bressanone/Brixen, Italy. So enjoy your honeymoon and time out with a romantic getaway for two at the lake in one special honeymoon hotel unique in its kind.

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Honeymoon & Wedding Trips in 2022

The honeymoon leaves a lasting mark on the marriage. It is symbolic of the adventure of marriage and the solitary moments spent together in the comfort of your spouse. It should be as unique and unforgettable as the union to which you have made a lifelong promise. We want to go out with our Bonny, with our Clyde; we against the world, inseparable in a coalition inspired by happiness and peace.

Never before has it been possible to customise honeymoons to suit one's interests and needs, as we can do today in 2022. We live in a global village - and this village keeps an infinite number of gems in store, making it challenging to decide.

A peaceful honeymoon snorkelling in the Maldives, exploring the magical vastness of the sea and its fascinating creatures.

Cruising in the Caribbean, floating on the deep blue ocean, accompanied by the idyll of palm-fringed beaches with snow-white sand.

An exciting adventure during a road trip in the USA, endless roads through the desert, coastal cities as impressive evidence of progress, boundless national parks of wild nature.

On safari in South Africa, in the realm of the Big Five - elephant, rhinoceros, lion, buffalo, leopard - marked by fragile transience and yet breath-taking beauty. Or on a nature honeymoon near the Dolomites in Northern Italy, with majestic mountains watching over lush alpine pastures, crystal-clear lakes and cultural and historic towns and cities.

As individual as every partnership is, so is the honeymoon destination for couples. In the end, the overall picture must be coherent - therefore, there are some criteria that every destination must fulfil.

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The Best Destinations for Your Honeymoon: South Tyrol, Northern Italy

So what makes the perfect destination? What features make the honeymoon a fulfilling experience, regardless of location and time zone? How do you put together the ideal romantic package?
There has to be a deep connection between you and the place. The feeling has to be genuine, just like in a relationship. Beaches, mountains and the like have to trigger a tingling sensation in your bellies that lasts until the end of the honeymoon. You should feel comfortable at first sight and start the journey home with at least one teary eye.
Of course, it can be argued that a honeymoon should satisfy your individual needs.

  • Do you want good food?
    Then a place where fine food has been elevated to culture is a good choice.
  • Do you want to relax?
    Then your chosen spot must offer cosy accommodation nestled in a dreamy landscape.
  • Do you want culture?
    Then make sure the region has a distinguished history.
  • Do you want adventure?
    Then extensive leisure activities with an engaging storyline are not to be omitted.

Culinary delights, idyll, culture, leisure - all these aspects are combined in a place that is not too far away. You are bustling with wanderlust, reach beyond your comfort zone - and forget what precious spots lie in your immediate vicinity. No need for a plane or a ship; hop in the car, train or bus and let us take you over the Brenner Pass to Northern Italy, to South Tyrol. In our romantic honeymoon hotel Seehof Nature Retreat in Bressanone/Brixen, delicacies, nature, culture, and adventure are just waiting to give you an unforgettable time during your honeymoon near the Dolomites.

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The Best of the Best Honeymoon Hotels

We have described the perfect honeymoon place, discussed its characteristics, and defined its atmosphere. To put it bluntly, a honeymoon in South Tyrol is a "no brainer". However inviting the area may seem - for your honeymoon, you will probably still want that special touch: an authentic honeymoon hotel.

It starts with the house itself; with the welcome by the friendly staff, who want to give you a memorable stay. A stay during which you should lack nothing: a well-kept suite, exquisite food, a lovingly prepared spa area, a wide range of activities and, of course, a friendly all-around service.

Make your way to the cosy honeymoon suite - your romantic retreat with an open lounge area that invites you to linger together over a delicious drink from the minibar. Drink in hand, you'll stroll to the free-standing bathtub with panoramic views. You'll relax your body and mind in the previously soaked bubble bath before being treated to a romantic candlelit dinner with fine cuisine. The day ends and begins again in the queen-size bed before you let yourself be revitalised for the day under the rain shower in the open bathroom. It's a place to fall in love with - and a place to be in love with.

After a breakfast buffet with a rich array of fruits, pastries and everything the early bird's heart desires, you step outside the hotel directly into the incomparable landscape in which your romantic nest is embedded. You set out to explore the secrets of your immediate surroundings. A picture-perfect honeymoon - just the way we do it in the Seehof Nature Retreat. But we don't just offer the expected wrapping for your honeymoon. For the essence, we have come up with outstanding highlights between the Alps near Bressanone/Brixen.

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Book Your Honeymoon Highlight

The honeymoon suite, the hotel's sophisticated cuisine, an extensive spa area and activities of all kinds and for every mood: the Seehof Nature Retreat defines itself as a cocoon or cocooning place, the place for your time-out and moments of calm. Our house emphasises social get-togethers but also stands for pausing and taking a deep breath, for self-discovery and romance, for unity and intimacy with yourself and the person at your side—excellent conditions for booking the ideal honeymoon.

Surrounded by enchanting nature and high mountains, there is your private natural lake. It brings a smile to your face every time you look out of your hotel room and is a constant and faithful companion in the middle of our garden—well-being in a class of its own.

Now it's up to you what your perfect honeymoon should entail in general and each day. At the Seehof, the two of you can indulge in nature or conquer the surrounding towns. Here you can open up or retreat, just as you wish.

In addition to untouched nature and endless expanses surrounding the Seehof, there is always a varied programme for an eventful stay. As small as the municipality of Natz near Bressanone/Brixen is, the wealth of culture and sights in the immediate vicinity is rich and varied. Discover the nearby bishop's town of Bressanone/Brixen. The Augustinian monastery of Novacella/Neustift. Brunico/Bruneck, the small town on the Rienza. Or the Fugger town of Vipiteno/Sterzing. In the area around the Seehof, we are particularly fond of one or two addresses we are happy to recommend.

Hiking and cycling paths lead across magnificent flower meadows, through dense forests, lovely apple orchards or vineyards and high up to imposing mountain peaks; they invite you to leisurely enjoyment rounds or challenging summit tours in a multifaceted nature that moves everyone. So that your honeymoon in Northern Italy lives up to your expectations.

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Plan Your Honeymoon Now

So you have opted for a honeymoon in South Tyrol; a honeymoon on the lake; your honeymoon at the Seehof Nature Retreat. A good choice. You want to retreat inside while getting to know new things outside. You want to enjoy the peace and quiet and, at the same time, seek adventure. In short, you want a place that fulfils all your long-cherished and your spontaneous wishes - and so you have found the perfect place for your honeymoon in Northern Italy, in South Tyrol, and at the Seehof Nature Retreat.

Our team and we are happy to help you plan and book your honeymoon and wedding trip with tips, information and more. We organise, support and advise on the choice of suites and rooms to help you have a memorable time. We may also be able to accommodate special requests with a bit of advance notice.

Ask, contact us and book a trip and memory for eternity. Finally, lovers' dreams come true.

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