South Tyrol during Fall – Holiday amidst the Colors of Northern Italy


Discover the Highlights of Autumn in South Tyrol

Experience a tapestry of colors as forests and valleys come alive in a lively display, signaling the land's gentle preparation for winter's slumber. The people, too, celebrate this season with gusto: feasting, festivities, and reaping the rewards of a year's dedication and care. Autumn in South Tyrol is an unforgettable feast for the senses - a visual banquet, a symphony for the ears, a balm for the soul, and a delight for the palate.

You would be well-advised to consider a holiday in Italy's alpine north. Here, you'll encounter spectacular natural beauty, a plethora of outdoor activities, and a reliably generous Indian summer. And at Seehof Nature Retreat in Naz-Sciaves, near Breassanone, you'll find a unique haven, a retreat unlike any other.


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Why Choose a Fall Vacation in South Tyrol?

A common perception of autumn is that nature slows down, and animals prepare for hibernation. Yet, precisely this season awakens our senses with a multitude of impressions and stimuli.

Consider the playful rustling of leaves cascading from trees, the vibrant metamorphosis of our surroundings, the warm caress of late summer sunbeams, the liberating experience of extensive hikes through our Alpine region, and, last but not least, the comforting indulgence in traditional South Tyrolean cuisine.

A fall vacation in South Tyrol is a gift to both body and mind, offering an opportunity to revitalize amidst the diversity and splendor of this region.

Autumn Experiences in South Tyrol: Harvest and "Törggele" Time

Let's delve into the highlights of this season, giving you a glimpse of why this beautiful corner of the Earth is particularly enchanting in autumn.

The Grape Harvest

Along the entire Strada del Vino, from September to October, the juicy grapes burgeon on the vines of our vintners. From Merano, through the area around Lake Caldaro, to the wine village of Termeno, diligent harvesting of vineyard yields is underway. Exquisite wines are gradually refined, making the hearts of wine connoisseurs beat a little faster. And after the grape gathering comes the time for "Törggelen".

A little insider tip: Many wineries offer hikes with subsequent tastings – an experience not to be missed.




Autumn is "Törggele" Time in South Tyrol

"Törggelen" in South Tyrol is as integral to autumn as the colorful landscapes in Bassa Atesina. This tradition, deeply rooted in the local culture, is celebrated in various "Buschenschanken" (traditional taverns) scattered across the region. These quaint establishments mark the end of the grape harvest by offering an array of primarily homemade delights: savory homemade sausages, tangy sauerkraut, succulent ribs, and "Gselcht's" (smoked meat), all paired with a fine glass of wine or "Sußer" (fresh grape must). The culinary journey culminates in a sweet finale with homemade doughnuts and roasted chestnuts, a true celebration for the taste buds.

A little insider tip: Our Seehof is right at the heart of this beautiful tradition in the Val d’Isarco, making it an ideal spot to immerse yourself in this unique culinary and cultural experience.


Seehof Eisacktal/Valle Isarco


Apple Picking Season

Beginning in August and stretching into November, the apple-picking season is a time of abundance. Is there anything more delightful than biting into a crisp, freshly picked apple from our orchards or savoring a glass of rich, naturally unfiltered apple spritzer?

At Seehof Nature Retreat, we're nestled close to sprawling apple plantations, ensuring our guests can easily enjoy these freshly harvested fruits. A casual stroll through the orchards for a quick apple snack is not just a possibility – it's a daily pleasure. This proximity to nature's bounty brings a unique, rustic charm to the Seehof experience.

Alpine Cattle Descent Festivals in South Tyrol

In the enchanting autumn setting of South Tyrol, the Alpine cattle descent transforms into whimsical festivals. These celebrations occur in towns and villages such as Terento, Maranza, Senales, and Caminata from mid-September to the end of October.

During these events, dairy cows are adorned with intricate wreaths, calves with fresh flowers, and sheep with colorful adornments. Set to the backdrop of brass band melodies, they proudly march through the villages, symbolizing the harmonious bond between humans and nature in the autumnal beauty of South Tyrol.

Positioned at the entrance to Val Pusteria, Naz is ideally situated to witness these traditional cattle descents in nearby Maranza, Terento, or Caminata. This unique spectacle offers a window into the region's cultural heart, showcasing the deep-rooted connection between the local communities and their natural surroundings.

Indian Summer Warmth in South Tyrol

The colorful South Tyrolean experience perfectly complements the region's traditionally mild Indian summer temperatures. This inviting weather beckons you outdoors for leisurely walks, scenic hikes, or exhilarating bike tours. The constant and warm sun cradles the land in its embrace, ensuring your holiday is graced with pleasant days right into the depths of November.

The conditions are ideal for extended explorations on foot or by bike. The temperate climate, with average temperatures hovering around 20 degrees Celsius, offers a comfortable and inviting environment for immersing yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of South Tyrol.

HikingMountain biking in autumn

Hiking and Biking in Autumn – Key Areas for Trails and Tours

South Tyrol is a paradise for outdoor lovers and sports enthusiasts. With its diverse landscape peppered with exciting hiking trails and biking routes ranging from leisurely to challenging, this region caters to everyone from casual hobbyists to dedicated athletes. Let's highlight some of the most magnificent gems in the area.

The Dolomites

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a monumental natural wonder, the Dolomites captivate from every direction. Whether you're in Alpe di Siusi, Renon, Val Pusteria, or Val Gardena, their radiant dolomite rock is a visual feast. This area is essential for anyone who loves immersing themselves in nature.

Landmarks like the Sciliar, Catinaccio, and Tre Cime di Lavaredo are just a few imposing peaks that form a stunning backdrop. Physical effort and scenic beauty merge into a symphony of the senses, where each step and glance unveils a new chapter in an unforgettable experience with nature.

Val Pusteria in South Tyrol

Val Pusteria, a picturesque valley in South Tyrol, presents a canvas of mesmerizing colors and shapes that captivate both hikers and cyclists. This enchanting place, where serene valleys meet majestic peaks, unfolds into a breathtaking natural spectacle, reaching its zenith at the emerald waters of Lake Braies.

In this serene environment, hiking paths traverse stunning landscapes, and biking routes vary from easy, scenic rides to more challenging terrains.

Val Venosta

Val Venosta is a unique blend of Alpine grandeur and Mediterranean charm, offering trails that seem straight out of a storybook. Trails here wind through magnificent mountainous terrain, alongside crystal-clear lakes, and through aromatic larch forests, each turn unveiling a vista more striking than the last, ensuring an unforgettable experience for nature lovers in the rugged and picturesque landscapes of Val Venosta.

Lake Caldaro

On the Strada del Vino, Lake Caldaro offers a stunning setting ideal for leisurely walks and relaxed bike rides. This idyllic lake, set amidst a landscape turning into warm autumnal colors, provides a peaceful natural retreat by its shores.

The tranquil bike and walking paths around Lake Caldaro are ideal for those seeking to savor the quiet of nature, with scenic views of the still waters and the rich vineyards adding to the serene experience.


Lake Caldaro


South Tyrolean Bassa Atesina

The Bassa Atesina along the Strada del Vino in South Tyrol is a haven for avid hikers and cyclists eager to traverse a landscape rich in colors and aromas. Here, amid the vineyards that stretch resplendently under the sun, you can enjoy leisurely bike rides and relaxing strolls through the forests.

Trails meander through a tapestry of yellow, red, and orange hues, offering a visual feast that encapsulates the essence of autumn in Bassa Atesina and creates a serene, meditative ambiance with each step taken.

San Martino in Monte

The quaint mountain village of San Martino in Monte, nestled at 1,740 meters above Laces, is a sensory delight. Reached by a scenic cable car journey, it ushers its visitors into tranquility and beauty. Perched on the sunny slopes of Monte Sole di Venosta, it is home to one of the most splendid pilgrimage churches in South Tyrol, dedicated to Saint Martin.

This sun-kissed village not only presents a stunning panorama over the sprawling apple orchards of the Val Venosta basin but also affords breathtaking long-range views of the imposing Gruppo dell'Ortles, the picturesque Val Martello, and on clear days, the Dolomites. It’s a panorama that can stir the hearts of hikers and nature lovers alike.

TörggelenHiking in the Eisack Valley

Why Naz and Bressanone Shine in Autumn

Autumn's Apple Orchard Hues

During autumn, Naz, perched on a plateau near Bressanone, becomes a canvas of golden and red tones. The region's numerous apple orchards create a unique and picturesque panorama. Wandering through these luminous orchards is an enchanting sensory experience.

Scenic Hiking Opportunities

Naz is a perfect launchpad for explorations into the surrounding mountains. With its mild temperatures, the autumn season makes for enjoyable hiking. Trails meander through woods and rolling hills, offering stunning vistas of the Valle d’Isarco.

Culinary Delights

The region around Naz and Bressanone is celebrated for its culinary offerings, especially during harvest. The area's gastronomy is a crucial attraction, from crisp, freshly picked apples to savory Törggele dishes and exquisite wines.

Bressanone's Cultural Tapestry

Just a stone's throw away, the historic city of Bressanone bursts into a medley of cultural activities in autumn. Wine tastings, traditional festivals, and historic sites make it a compelling destination.

Tranquility and Recreation

Naz, off the beaten path, provides a serene and restful setting in autumn. The crisp mountain air and peaceful surroundings are perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating.

In essence, Naz and Bressanone in autumn offer a delightful blend of nature's splendor, gastronomic experiences, cultural richness, and moments of relaxation, positioning them as ideal retreats for relaxation seekers and nature lovers.

SeehofWoman in the pool

Autumn Escape at Seehof – The Ideal Retreat in South Tyrol

Seehof, located in Natz near Bressanone, is an enchanting sanctuary for those seeking to immerse themselves in the autumnal glory of South Tyrol. This delightful Nature Retreat, surrounded by the vivid hues of apple orchards, offers a breathtaking panorama of Val d'Isarco and Val Pusteria.

Nature and Rejuvenation

Seehof is a peaceful haven, a world away from everyday life, where guests can inhale the pristine alpine air and relax in the serene embrace of nature. It's the perfect place to rejuvenate and gather new energy.

Gateway to Discovery

For enthusiasts of hiking and cycling, Seehof is an unparalleled base camp. The inviting trails to the scenic Val Pusteria are within easy reach, providing extraordinary encounters with nature’s autumnal beauty.

Culinary Delights

A highlight of staying at Seehof is indulging in the local gastronomic gems. The proximity to the traditional Törggele taverns and wineries of Val d'Isarco ensures memorable culinary experiences that perfectly complement a peaceful getaway.

Therefore, Seehof in Natz near Bressanone represents an idyllic retreat that harmoniously combines relaxation, nature exploration, and gastronomic enjoyment. It’s an authentic paradise for those wishing to experience the enchanting beauty of autumn in South Tyrol.

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Conclusion: Spend Your Autumn Vacation in South Tyrol

South Tyrol is a dynamic color spectacle in autumn, capturing every visitor's heart. From the golden hues of apple orchards in Naz and Bressanone to the serene hiking paths around Lake Caldaro and the towering Dolomites, this region presents a backdrop that rejuvenates mind and body.

Snaking through varied landscapes, the diverse array of hiking and biking trails is perfect for outdoor lovers of all levels. The autumn scenery invites you to leave the world behind and fully immerse in the present.

Autumn here is further enriched by cultural and culinary highlights, such as the Törggele tradition and the grape harvest. These experiences allow you to indulge in local flavors and embrace the warm hospitality of the South Tyrolean people.

Our Seehof Nature Retreat offers the ideal haven to enjoy this enchanting season to its fullest. A sanctuary of tranquility and relaxation, it also acts as a gateway for various explorations into the enchanting natural surroundings.

An autumn vacation in South Tyrol is a sensory journey, a celebration for the eyes, ears, heart, and taste buds. It's an invitation to delve into the abundance and beauty of this distinctive region and forge lasting memories. Autumn in South Tyrol is not just a destination – it's an enduring experience. For further information and recommendations, our receptionist is always ready to assist.

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