SEEHOF Nature Retreat


„Let‘s cross over, let’s cross boarders” (Eat, Pray, Love)


We were counting the days until we can welcome guests back to our holiday cocoon and finally share good times with all of you again. We look forward to bright smiles, happy faces and inspiring chat at the shores of the lake. Above all, we look forward to pampering our guests, creating an environment where they can unwind and enjoy the sweetness of being idle. We do our very best to give our guests down time that feels as valuable and it is unforgettable.

We’ve missed you dearly throughout this period, as guests – and as friends.

You’re now able to engage in Seehof’s unique dialogue with nature, listening to enticing bird-song, relaxing contemplatively by the lake and just doing nothing.
Pure joie de vivre!

Seehof Nature Retreat is open again!

A holiday with us is all about wellbeing.

Re-Opening April 2021 - SEEHOF Nature RetreatRe-Opening April 2021 - SEEHOF Nature Retreat

Safety first

Health and safety are our top priority, of course. It’s something we’re watching very closely and that we’ve put a lot of thought into. 
In order to ensure that your stay is pleasant and free of stress, we wanted to give you some important information in advance: We guarantee strict compliance with all hygiene guidelines. At check-in we’ ll provide you with a mouth-and-nose protection. Dispenser with disinfectant gel are set up throughout the retreat. We’ ll also ensure the minimum social distancing. We make sure that each guest has enough space and feels save and relaxed.
Our PrimaVera Spa gives you plenty of space to relax: the outdoor pool and relaxation rooms stand ready for your enjoyment. Panta Rhei: Everything flows!

Place to be

My day, my moments of calm …