Barefoot in the park

The title of Neil Simon´s Oscar-winning comedy from 1968. Jane Fonda and Robert Redford more beautiful than ever.

Barefoot in the park

Perhaps the cinematic proof that walking barefoot and feeling the soft grass underfoot is good for you – we certainly think so. Free spirit Jane encourages her uptight husband Redford to feel the benefits of some barefoot strolling and soon his daily stresses drift away. So much pleasure can be taken from this simple activity, reconnecting with the earth and just living in the moment. We guide you barefoot in the lake waters, emerging and walking on small stones which lead to the path into the woods. It is a simple relaxing walk, in which silence is all around, interrupted only by bird song and the wind sighing through the trees.

Half an hour, forty minutes of meditative pleasure, calm and quiet. Serenity rising from the soles of your feet and filling you with a sense of calm. The ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine teaches us that foot reflexology is a curative technique that stimulates positive energy. Our barefoot morning walks will get you on the right track for your day with a serene soul and the stress and strain of daily life dissolved. It´s going to be a wonderful day!

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