Seehof Wish Tree®


The Seehof Wish Tree® symbolically stands for a promising future. It’s the symbol of our yearning for encounter and exchange, for happiness and pleasure. We have prepared little white pieces of paper where our beloved guests can note their wishes, thoughts, dreams and inspirations and put them into small wooden boxes that will be hang up on a tree next to our natural private lake. What a strong symbol of confidence and trust!

The Seehof Wish Tree® is a place of force and positive energy where to deposit our deepest desires: Wishing the best to ourselves and to our loved ones and expressing our wish for a wonderful and better future to come. 

We see grow precious moments on this arbor vitae and want to share and to remember them with likeminded people. Together we are stronger, together we enjoy the little things of life and experience the here and now. At the Seehof Nature Retreat.

Seehof Wish Tree®

Place to be

My day, my moments of calm …