Silence day

Silence day
Come with us to look for the true silence …

A new inner journey among senses & harmony through 4 elements.

4 spots able to take you in a world where the frantic daily rhythm seems to have cancelled that universe made of your own inner visions. Those sensations able to make you see sharp images and feel sounds in a clearer way only when your mind finds the way to come down.

We aim to combine the 4 elements along with their own intrinsic qualities in our own Refugium.

Waldpfade und Wiesengrün

Try to build up a relationship with the EARTH element getting into the woods only few steps away to discover the surrounding nature and its senses.

Silence Day

The FIRE element involves you in a true transformation.

Silence Day - Element Luft

The AIR element is a of good inspiration for those thoughts going in another direction, allowing your fantasy to unwind.

Element Luft

Let yourself be immersed in the WATER element to draw from new sources.

Through a bunch of artist elements involved in these special locations, there will be the possibility for oneself to express the own emotions and to hold own perceptions.

From this journey going towards silence there will be the possibilities not only to take your own perceptions with you, but also that exciting awareness to feel OFFLINE for a change.

Seehof Natur Retreat

The biggest revelation is silence l Laotse

Programm (10.00 – 13.00 Uhr):


  • 110.00 am - the participants – if they wish – can hand over their cell phone in exchange of a draw folder, where it will be possible to collect all own drawings  
  • The program starts with a hiking of about 30 minutes 
    [it is suggested to go barefoot]
  • A path that takes you towards the 4 spots representing the 4 elements
  • Back to the lake – relaxation exercises and meditation
  • The participants can choose either to take part to all 4 elements experience or choose some of those only, according to the personal preference
  • This adventure going through the 4 elements last for at most 120 minutes  
  • 1.00 pm – once the program is over, all members who took part at the event will have the opportunity to exchange their differnt experiences on the matter whilst enjoying a vital -lunch

Cost - € 20 l each
Minimum number of participants - 4 people


Place to be

My day, my moments of calm …