Spring in the mountains

Spring in the mountains
Starting a new year and a new life.

Spring ...

Sunshine on your skin. Breathe. Breathe. In a sea of green.
Flowers everywhere. The chirping of the birds in the trees.
The scent of herbs and day dreaming at the forest lake. Water, prickling, your feet on the grass.
Walking across gentle hills.
In pairs with butterflies in your stomach.
Or alone with yourself. And the quiet.

Much is possible at the Seehof Nature Retreat.
Seehof Natur Retreat

Healthy and happy

Herb walks along forest paths and across green meadows.
Discover, experience, reorient yourself. Enjoy life-long learning.


Organised walking tours to Brixen. Past fruit trees and vineyards, along old paths with living biotopes. A panoramic view of spring.



Place to be

My day, my moments of calm …